DC-8-63 VIASA “El Coloso”

Scale 1/20

Again back to VIASA: The famous COLOSO. The DC8 opened VIASAS´s European routes on 1961. Their multi stop route Caracas Sta Maria (Azores) Lisbon Madrid Paris Amsterdam, created the start of the big network of VIASA European cities, that reached 17 of them (Tenerife, Santiago Compostela, Lisbon, Oporto, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Rome, Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Beirut and charters to Copenhagen and Billund)! Make a comparison that at same time VARIG flew only 5 of them and Avianca to just two. Really international. The said voyages started with a lead KLM DC8, namely a 32 series, then 53, 55 to finally reach to the longest one, the DC8-63 called COLOSO. Enjoy!