AVIANCA A320-200

Scale 1/50

This iconic plane marks the debut of narrow bodies for the giant Pan European consortium AIRBUS. Since early inception Airbus only iconic plane was the twin engine wide body A300B and her sister mate A310. A320 flew in 1988 with Northwest and Air France account the 1st customers. State of the art fly by wire controls and a very efficient and clean design, spotless engines, made the A320 the best-selling airplane for the European leviathan, with more than 11.000 units
This particular model signed the change of ownership of the oldest airline in the world, the Colombia. AVIANCA, from his elder owner Sindicato Antioqueño, to the Bolivian-Brazilian entrepreneurship German Efromivich, with a new scheme based on old “Ruana Roja” scheme of the 1970-80.